Ungu are a rock band formed in Jakarta, Indonesia in 1996 with Makki as the only remaining original member. The group comprises vocalist/guitarist Pasha, guitarist Enda & Onci, bassist Makki, keyboardist Gatz and drummer Rowman.

Ungu are known for their hit singles, such as “Demi Waktu“, “Tercipta Untukku“, “Andai Ku Tahu” and “Kekasih Gelapku“.

Ungu gained mainstream popularity in Malaysia around 2006 with the release of their single “Demi Waktu”. followed by their third album Melayang (2006).

In 2006, ten people were killed in a stampede at one of their shows in Pekalongan.[1]




[edit] History

[edit] Formation and first years (1996-1997)

The original members of the band are guitarist Ekky, drummer Pasha Van derr Krabb and vocalist Michael. In 1997, Pasha Van derr Krabb left the band and was replaced by Rowman.

[edit] Laguku (2000-2002)

In 2000, Ungu focused efforts on their debut album. Ungu has also released “Hasrat” and “Bunga” for a compilation album, Klik.

Ungu released their first full-length album, Laguku in July 2002. Their first single “Bayang Semu” was used for a soundtrack in ABG (RCTI). Even though the album was considered success, it reached Platinum Award after two years of its release date.

[edit] Tempat Terindah (2002-2005)

Just before starting the new album, Ekky decided to leave the band in 2003. His position was replaced by Oncy who had just left Funky Kopral.

Ungu released its second album Tempat Terindah in December 2003. The album spawned a hit single “Karena Dia Kamu” and “Suara Hati“. The album sold 150,000 copies.

Ungu has also collaborated with Chrisye in his 2005 album, Senyawa.

[edit] Melayang (2005-2007)

Ungu successfully recorded new materials for their next album in 2005 and released their next album Melayang in December 2005 in Indonesia alone.

This new album had put Ungu into the spotlight with their hit single “Demi Waktu“. The single received massive airplay in both Indonesia and Malaysia which causes 4 record labels in Malaysia to own Ungu’s copyright to distribute the album in Malaysia. Malaysian’s Suria Records who owns Siti Nurhaliza, won the copyright.

The album received good reviews from both Malaysian and Indonesian critics.

Other albums and acitivity

Ungu released a mini album, SurgaMu to celebrate Ramadhan in December 2006. 150,000 copies sold in 15 days. The album received an inspiring recognition from Yusuf Kalla but the band didn’t receive it as the band’s appearance in Presidential Palace, didn’t follow the correct procession protocol.

In 2006, Ungu was nominated for Most Favorite Band Duo in MTV Asia 2006 Awards, Best Video Director “Demi Waktu” Abimael Gandy and Video of the Year “Demi Waktu”.


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